Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The End

I started this blog as a way to vent out my opinions and to educate others about Islam. And Alhumdulilah, I achieved that purpose to a certain extent. I was planning to do this about three years from now but I think it's really useless delaying the end of this blog. Looking back, I realize that there was a lot of good I did and a lot of articles that I wrote which weren't so good. As an early student of knowledge, I made a lot of mistakes. Stuff that I regret now like crazy.

Maybe that's why I'm not motivated as much to write these days. Scared of the consequences, scared of making mistakes, scared of speaking without knowledge. Either way, I'm not going to delete the articles, but inshaAllah add comments on the bottom to clarify misconceptions I had, the stuff I said wrong.

So, by the end I mean that there will not be any more articles published especially for this blog. Da'wah has always been a means of achieving Jannah for me, and at this early stage a backup plan, just in case I don't get to accomplish what I want. As for writing a blog, I think there are plenty of good websites out there where a person can get guidance about Islam. I don't really need to do my part, rather concentrate on other means of doing Da'wah.

Insha'Allah, I'll have an article published this week. I wrote it for my university magazine but I'm dubious that it will actually get published.(because of it's intensity, perhaps) I just need time to finish referencing all that I wrote.

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