Monday, January 17, 2011

Ibn Al Qayyim on the Rights of the Quran upon us

 In Surah Furqan, Ayah 30: Allah (SWT) says:

And the Messenger will say, 'O my Lord, indeed, my people have deserted the Quran.'" 
(Al-Furqan 25:30) 

Ibn Al-Qayyim commentated on this Ayah saying that people abandon the Quran in five ways:

  1. Abandoning listening to it, believing in it, and paying attention to it.
  2. Abandoning acting upon it and abiding by what it permits and prohibits, even if one recites it and believes in it.
  3. Abandoning referring to it and judging by it in the fundamental issues of the religion even its subsidiary issues, believing it that it does not provide certainty, and that its evidences are merely words not giving (certain) knowledge.
  4. Abandonment of pondering it, seeking to understand it and what the One who spoke it meant by it.
  5. Abandonment of seeking healing through it for all the diseases of the heart such that one seeks the cure for his disease from other sources and abandons seeking healing through it.
Are we among those who have deserted the Quran? Do we fulfill any of these five obligations upon the Quran?

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